Sunday, April 20, 2008

Visit to the ER

Here is a funny short video as I was taking it an Er tech came in you can hear him knocking.

Friday night Dale started to feel sick which did not surprise me since our whole family has had the flu and chest colds. He started getting worse today with a high fever and he was very dehydrated so I drove the 40 Min's to the base and took him to the ER. They immediately gave him an IV took a chest X ray. The X ray showed sings of pneumonia so they gave him an inhaler and antibiotics and some more time off of work..

We are home and he is resting and I am getting ready to take a bubble bath..


shaina said...

Just started back doing things too soon after his surgery! Get better soon.

Ande said...

Get lots of rest. Not fun. Love the video though.

Jen said...

Bummer. I hope you enjoyed that bubble bath and definitely hope that he starts feeling better.

Sarah C. said...

Poor Dale. Hope he feels better soon!

Karen & Matt said...

Not fun. Tell him to feel better for us. Nemonia isn't something to mess around with. Also I hope you all feel better. Glad you had a good temple trip, and that you got a way good deal on those Jammies for Ben!