Friday, May 22, 2009

schools out for the summer!!

Today is the last day of school!!! I think I am just as excited as the kids... Tonight we are going to celebrate and have fun and stay up as long as we want and eat junk and watch movies..
I love summer vacations it is always fun at our our house we never really go anywhere we just have a lot of fun being together. I always hate when summer comes to an end and they have to go back to school.Here is a pic of mylissa she graduated from middle school and will be in high school next year.. It's going to be crazy when the kids go back because all of my kids will be in school. Benny Boy will be in kindergarten and Shelly will be a senior.

So are your kids out of school if not when do they get out?



Kerri said...

my kids are out today too. I have been ready for this to come!

Anonymous said...

June 10th is their last day down here.

Elizabeth said...

My last kid finished today. They end on different days here. My oldest starts High School next year too.

We already had icecream to celebrate a little. I love the last day of school. Today what I love the most is the rain. It feels so good and is so rare.

Anonymous said...

I hate when the kids I nanny for are on their school breaks. Perhaps it's different once it's my own kids, but for now, it just means more work. Gotta love Ny schools though, kids are in school through the third week of June!

Back Porch Blessings said...

Just a little note to let you know that I have an award for you waiting at my blog stop by and pick it up and pass it on. Hugs