Saturday, May 23, 2009

A time to rember..

I found this writing in Mylissas room yesterday. I was very touched by her words, and thought it would be fitting to share this memorial day weekend.

I love and miss you baby boy ..

I hope you all have a nice memorial day weekend..

William's Baby Blanket

The deep warming memories of that tiny blanket lay silently in my head. I can't keep those winter memories that I had with the blanket out of my head.

I have the memory of holding my baby brother in my arms with the silky.soft,baby blue blanket.

It was Williams blanket, my youngest brother,he would be turning four this year but he has passed away. I rember in every picture my mother took that same blanket was attached to William. Those sweet memories with him were so precious. This blanket makes William closer and clearer, so that is why the blanket is so special to me.

Today the blanket is still the same; my second youngest brother keeps it safe with him. Ben sleeps with the blanket sometimes, and the other times it is in the linen closet hanging around the house. Every chance I get, I take the blanket and hold it in my arms and partake of those same precious memories that I have had before with the same child who once laid upon that blanket. If the blanket isn't in those previous places, then it is most likely in the wash. I dont think I would be able to fit in to the washer to hold the blanket.

I hope in the future that I can keep the blanket. If I am able to keep it, I would make sure my children would have it as babies. When they grow older, I want them to know the importance of the blanket. Maybe when I die I can be buried with the blanket, knowing the importance it was to me. All I know is that it's going to last forever. No matter where it is, it will still be in my memories.



Ter said...


Em said...

Wow. Thank you for posting that. A very thoughtful child.

Nessa said...

How beautiful. You have a very sweet soul there.

Shawnee said...

THAT is so touching ... got me in major tears. Bless your family.

Rocksee said...

majorly great. :)
Following you.

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Anonymous said...

It is not often you get to see inside someone's soul.....don't your children astound you at what they things touch them....children aren't simple beings at all .....they are very complicated. One very sweet child you have.

Gamma Sharon said...

What a precious daughter you have... it is so wonderful how William lives on in your hearts, I know my Achaela lives on too.
What a precious gift from God those special little babies are...
My heart goes out to you and yours!

Yarni Gras! said...


They say 'tactile' memories are some of the strongest. I'm sure that blue blanket is special to you all.

Nicole said...

Hugs....what a sweet and touching note.

American in Norway said...

WOW.. that was amazing... she is a ery special child! Hope you have a good Memorial Day!

Sarah C. said...

What a beautiful tribute. You have amazing children, Jen. ((HUGS))

joolzmac said...

How wonderful your daughter is to pen such beautiful thoughts about her baby brother. So special.

- Joolz

crystal wolf said...

If you can bear the thought of cutting it up, maybe you could take a sqare of the blanket for each of the kids and yourself and make it the center of a special quilt for each of you some day?

Love the poem Mylissa, beautiful.