Friday, July 6, 2012

My three day adventure.

Tuesday July 3rd I was at the pool with my Kids and  friends talking when I had a sharp pain in my right side of my back.
I commented to my friend Shelly and said I really hope this is not a kidney stone.
I have been drinking water like a fish trying to avoid them this summer.
Last summer I had them pretty bad because I kept getting dehydrated.
Latter that night I made Dale take me to the ER. because the pain got worse and I felt the start of a uti and I wanted to nip them both in the bud so we could enjoy the 4th of July.

Crazy as it was I was dehydrated had high blood pressure and a UTI and kidney stones I was surprised with the dehydration and high blood pressure. I had drank over a gallon of water that day and I have never had high blood pressure.
I was given an IV drip to hydrate me and sent me home with medicine.
I had a pretty rough night with tummy issues but woke up fine.

I got dressed up for the 4th and had a really good day with my family and friends.
I went to bed that night feeling great.
I slept so good woke up at 6 am on the 5th said good bye to my hubby fell back asleep my alarm woke me up at 7:30 but I was starting to feel a little sick so I went back to sleep I started shaking really bad in my sleep.
I was dreaming that I was vomiting but some how realized it was not dreaming but really vomiting I woke up and cried out for help.
My boys came in held my head up and called my husband.
I just kept vomiting and lost my ability to control my balder.
Once I stopped vomiting I was able to talk to Dale he decided he should come home and take me back to the ER.
I kept telling him I was fine.
I am glad he did not listen to me.
He came home and took me to the ER, There was a ton of people that were there and I thought I would never get to the back to see a DR. I told Dale to just take me home I was shaking so bad and just wanted to lay down.
Thank goodness he did not listen to me.
5 mins latter they called me back to asses me.
I realized at that point they were just going to take me back to another waiting room I started crying and then I vomited over every thing including my self even tho I had a barf bag They finished taking my vital sings and took me right back to a room because I had a high fever and I was vomiting and they already new I had an infection and kidney stone.
They hooked me up to an IV took more blood and urine samples 
I then got really sick again I could not believe I still had anything left in my tummy.
The DR cam in and said you are one sick girl you have a very bad infection that the antibiotic they put me on was not working he was also concerned about the pain on my right side he was pretty sure it was a stone but thought it could be appendices so he decided I needed a cat scan he also wanted too rule out a blockage in my Kidney.
I agreed to the cat scan I had never had one before.
It was kinda a weird experiences.
They told me right then that I had two small stones but they could not tell if they were stuck in my kidney or if they were in my bladder.
So they made me get on my tummy for more shots I guess if  you are on your tummy the stone will flop into your bladder if its not stuck.

I was taken back to my room I waited 20 mins for the dr. to come back in.
Once he came back every thing happened fast.
He said I had two stones that were stuck in my Gurder tube that's the tube in the kidneys that let the urine flow to your bladder.
Because I had an infection they were not willing to let me pass the stones on my own because the infection was in my bladder and had no way to get out.
So the plan was emergency surgery.
I was a little shocked.
They called in the uro DR. Dale had two DR. in mind and was glad his second choice was on call. He also heard who the anistesa Dr was and was not happy so he called his surgery center next door and had one of their anistia DR come in.

Here I am  right before I went to surgery don't I look lovely!

The surgery was a half an hour and every thing went well.
This was my first surgery ever so I was a little scared.
I was glad I could not remember a thing and was even happier that I showered before I went to the ER.
I went home an hour after surgery.
I had a hard night with pain and took narcadics at home for the first time in my life I always refuse them but I really hate pain when I pee.

I feel much better today The best way I can describe how i feel is that I feel like I just had a baby.
So sore and sleepy.

I am so glad this is all over and cant wait to get back to my every day boring life .


Elizabeth said...

I am so glad that you are feeling a little better. Sorry you have had such a bad time.I love you and am so happy you were able to get the help you needed so fast.

ter@waaoms said...

Wow, I'm glad you were not home alone at the time that this happened and that you got immediate care. Hope you feel better very quickly! :)

Shabby and Frills said...

So happy that you are on the mends. Take it easy and feel better soon.

jennifer robin said...

Sew Happy you are out of the hospital!! Kidney stones are no fun!! Get well fast sweetie!!


Yarni Gras! said...

so sorry you've been so ill. I hope you get better soon