Sunday, April 24, 2011

My brave little boy.

When I was on vacation Ben's skin got neglected, not intentionally but all the same he is suffering because it.
His hands and feet are a mess and he is slowly healing.
Part of his healing therapy is water it sooths his skin and heps get rid of the dead skin with out damaging it.
His skin was so scabbed , bloody and raw putting water on it felt like I was pouring salt on it.
He screamed and cried I finally bribed him with a baggy of gold fish.

I left the room and when I came back in He had the fish in the tub with him.

He was singing a fishing I will go a fishing I will go I will put them in the tub heat them all and eat them all for diner.

Crazy fun kid.


Turtles In North Dakota said...

oh my gosh, sending gentle hugs his way....

michelleml said...

poor thing hope he heals fast

lots of hugs

shaina said...

I'm glad he is getting soothed. Poor Ben.

Valerie said...

Oh poor Ben! Averie has stopped taking baths because it stings so bad. I have to force her in and listen to her scream and try to claw her way out. It breaks my heart but I know it has to happen. She finally got in today and stopped screaming. And she stayed in for a while!! YAY!
I hope Ben's feet start healing and the stinging stops soon. I will be praying for him. :(