Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet tender Mercies..

My friend Val had surprise for me to day she wrote blog post just for me about and amazing thing that happened.
You can read her post HERE.
2 years a go I sent her some sweet William seeds  to Val they never grew she was sad and had a hard time telling me this.
Last summer she decided to plant clover in the same pot.
The clover took off like wildfire it even survived the winter.
She got a little gnome and put it in the clover when she went to take a picture she noticed a small little sweet William flower.
I feel that it was a gift for me and no accident that this happened around Easter the time of year we celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.
It it through Christ atonement that all men and women will live again.
A promise I have held tightly to since Williams death.
 The promise that I will hold my son again and get the opportunity to raise him hold him and know him.

This reminded me of something that happened after William died.
I got a flower arrangement after William passed away from my childhood friend Beth It was Lilies with 2 white roses the white roses were for William and my friends little sister Marie.

Marie and William died the same day 17 years apart, Marie was very special to me I loved her so much and when she died at 7 years old I was crushed I was 15 years old at the time and it was my real first experience with losing a loved one. I gave the flower arrangement to my good friend Anneke the day of the funeral in Cali, because we were leaving to WY to bury him. She looked at the flower arrangement every day the Lily's died in a few day so she took the 2 roses and put them in a vase. She watched as the roses bloomed and got to there glory point as soon as they were at there glory point they died the next day. It just happened to be  17 day after Williams funeral. I cant help but think that this was God telling me that 17 days was Williams Glory point he did all he needed in the 17 days he was here on this earth.
I am so bleesed with so many amazeing friends and for the love and wisdom my heavenly fathers shows me trhough them. I am so blessed with tenders mercies that our kind Heavenly father has given me befor during and since the passing of William.


shaina said...

That is very sweet.

Terra said...

Gah! Tears are flowing. I love how God works sometimes.

danandcami said...

You do have very kind and thoughtful friends! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

You are such a pain putting me in tears like this. LOL. I love you sweet Jennifer! I am so glad and proud that we are forever friends! Have a Great Weekend my sweet.

Yarni Gras! said...

sweet post :-)

NadineC said...

William keeps reaching out, not only to you, but to your bloggy friends all over :)