Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pray for justice!

I have never shared this story on my blog it's a hard thing for me to talk about and often makes me overwhelmed with anger and sadness.
About 4 years a go my brother was accused of and awful crime.
It was all based on a lie that his ex wife's family came up with to try and gain custody of my nephew my brothers son.
At the the time my brother had full custody of his son because his ex-wife was and still is an unfit parent.
My Brother is a good father and was doing the best job he could do raising his son.
His ex's family could find no legal way to get custody of my nephew so they played dirty and created a lie in order to gain custody.
To make a long story short the legal system failed my brother and he was sent to prison for 25 years for a crime he did not commit.
We always new he had an unfair trial we just never new the ex-stint of how unfair things were until a few days a go.
He was blessed with an amazing new a pellet lawyer who saw all the injustices that were made he is doing his hardest to right the wrong that was made.
The reason I am sharing this story is to ask for prayers on my brothers be half.
I am hopping and praying for a mistrial or at the very least a new trial.
The supreme court is reviewing his case in the next few weeks.
I am praying that there eyes will be opened and there hearts will be softened and that they will right this wrong that had been made.
Please keep my brother Carl in your thoughts and prayers.
It is my fondest wish to give him a big hug in month when i am back in he lower 48's.
Thank you.


Sarah C. said...

Saying a prayer for Carl, his son, your family and the legal system. What a terrifying mess. I do hope that the end is found soon and the truth shines clearly.

gigi said...

Prayers for sure!

Ann Marie said...

This makes me so sad.
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family..

ter@waaoms said...

wow, that's awful. I hope the truth will come out and wrongs are made right.

mike said...

We are praying for your family and that justice prevails for your brother and his son. What a horrible nightmare to be going through.

danandcami said...

How sad! I am sorry to hear! Thoughts and prayers with you all!