Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working together is fun to do!

Garrett and Ben Love monkey bread they ask me to make it all the time.
So today when they asked I said do you two want to make it?
They both nodded there heads yes.
So I got the recipe out and showed them what to do.

It was so sweet to watch them work together and even funnier hearing Garret speak to Ben as if he was Julia Child's.
I love it when my kids work so nicely together.
I can smell the monkey bread now i guess it's time to dig in.


Jean said...

I have lots of fond memories of our kids working together... making cookies, and such. Yep, enjoy it now, they grow up way too fast!
Sounds yummy.... guess I had better go eat breakfast! LOL

Yarni Gras! said...

looks like lots of fun....monkeying around!

Ande said...

what handsome boys!!! You have been in my thoughts lately. Love you and praying that Dale gets ajob soon!!!