Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre- birthday fun!

On Friday night the day before Ben's birthday Dale and I took Ben out for a Birthday date.
A few weeks ago we were given game cards and 2 free buffets to ITS. So being on a tight budget like we are it was such a blessing.

Ben was excited to choose every thing cheesy to eat, Cheesy bread, mack and cheese, Cheese nachos and gold fish.

He even gave me a cheesy smile.

After a cheesy diner we took Showed Ben the game area.
I thought he was going to die from excitement.
He always talks about going to and arcade.

He played lots of games with his daddy and then the best part was......

Riding the kite flyer.

He was so super excited I loved his smile.

For a little boy who is scared of every thing he loves thrill rides.
A boy after my own heart!

After the dinner and games we took Benny to the 1.75 movie.
He has been dying to see MR. Poppers Penguins since the first time he saw the preview.
Mr. Benny loves penguins.
After the movies Ben was so tuckered out so we took him home.
When I tucked him in that night he kissed me and said Mom you and Dad are the best.
Melt my heart sweet.


Elizabeth said...

It looks like you three had a wonderful date. Benny is such a cutie, I am sure you and Dale are the BEST!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful time you all had.....glad he got to be spoiled!