Thursday, October 20, 2011

The last few of days and 3 hints.

On Monday My sweet in laws showed up and we had a crab  and shrimp dinner.

Tuesday was super busy Dale and I had to go do some work on our secret project and then rush of to youth night at church.
Mylissa was the Queen in the the program they put on.
I made her robe from a curtain and the flower value necklace.
Each color represents 8 values Faith ,Divine nature,individual worth, Knowledge, Choice and accountability, Good works and virtue.
The girls work during there young woman years on goals in each of this area.
Tuesday the had the Young woman's in excellents night where they talked about each of there goals.
It was fun and I was glad her grand mother was there to see her.

Wednesday was just as busy I sewed all day and caught up on things that needed to be done.

Here is a cute table runner I made for a swap I am in.

I really like how it turned out.

Ok so hints on our secret project.
1. Windsor
2. Macadamia
3. Wolf Ranch (locals might get this one)
Stay tuned I will tell reveal our secret on monday.

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TLD said...

I personally like the "Manzanita." I think I figured it out with your clues :o) Happy for you friend!