Thursday, October 27, 2011

From the 70's to snow.

Our weather is so strange here in Colorado.
all last week we had record highs of 70's and 75.
It was so nice and I was loving it.

I took this picture on Tuesday while I was out it was 70 out and just lovely.
All over the news there was talk of the big snowstorm that was coming.
It was hard for me to believe that snow was coming.
Later that day it started to get a little cooler.
The kids came home from school with talk of excitement that there was going to be a snow day.
Ben was thrilled he loves his days off from school.
Madieline slept that night with her Jammies on inside out and backwards, flushed 3 ice cubes down the toilet and sang frosty the snowman while the freezer door was open and spined in a circle three times.
Who new there was so many hope for snow day rituals.

I woke up early the next morning looked out the window and it had hardly snow.
I checked my emails and there was no email from the schools saying that there was no school or even a late start.
I got the big kids out the door.
Then went to wake up Ben.
He was so sad when he realized he was going to school he cried and put the covers over his head and said I am so mad there is no snow day.
After he got dressed ate breakfast I dressed him in his snow clothes and he was out the door sad to go to school but Happy there was snow.
He loves snow.

Later in the day we got a lot more snow and Ben was happy to play in it when he came home.
I am happy that the snow will be melted by the weekend and that we will be back in the 70's for Halloween.
It has been 6 years since we have been able to trick or treat with out the snow.
It will be Ben's first year not trick or treating in the snow.
He is so happy about that.


Ann Marie said...

I am grateful their are people in this world that love snow.. so it brings balance in the world to those of us that Loathe it.

I would be happy in 70 degree temperatures forever.. and in a perfect world.. it would only snow on and around Christmas.

I wish!

Shabbby and Frills said...

I am not READY NO NOT YET!!!!!!!!
It's ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. I have been purchasing more fabric to store for the winter. I think I will need more???????
Of course we have already had snow on the mountains.