Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yes I still blog!!

I have just taken a break!!
I wrote a huge catch up post and some how deleated it.
So here is what your getting a promis that I will blog every day next week.
I will catch up show you what I have been cooking, sewing and just plain doing.
I will tell you you about my pintrest obsession and all the thing I have been pinning.
{BTW feel free to fallow me on pintrest}
Dale is back to work and that has been such a relief and joy to our family.
We have also started a secret project that I might let you in on this week.
Dale is a little obsessed with the project I am just happy that this project will allow me to get what I want.
It's so exciting but I promised Dale I would wait a little bit longer to share.
These last 2 weeks of Dale being at work has made me realize how much I missed my routean.
This is also the first time I have had no kids at home during the day or a husband.
I miss little M and little J the sweethearts I watched in Alaska, but I am loving my alone time sorta.
I tend to get scared that a crazy person is going to attack me while in the shower.
Thanks again to all those who prayed and lent good thoughts while Dale was out of work.
So look for my blog post this week I promise they will be fun and you might get to find out about our secret project!


Elizabeth said...

Yea! I miss you blog posts a lot. I can't wait to learn more about your secret project. We love you!

Yarni Gras! said...

I've missed your posts too...and your visits. I am so glad I can take Dale off my list! YAY! I hope he loves his job and I hope your routine kicks in quickly.

jennifer robin said...

Hey Jen, I have missed your posts also!! Hoping you love your new home and new adventures!! I love the felt flowers you have been making!! Is there a tutorials on them somewhere? Please send me your table measurements again!! I lost them sometime during my last year!! E-mail that info to me will you please!!