Monday, November 21, 2011

Kadie,Dan and baby make 3!!!

So you all guessed right My beautiful Daughter and her Handsome prince Are having a little prince or princess for me to play with love and spoil !!
Not only did they make me the happiest mamma in the world with the news of my up coming name change they also announced that they are moving to Colorado.
I feel like the most blessed Lady in the world.
All my dreams are coming true right now.
I have to pinch my self often and bend down on my knees and thank Heavenly Father for all my wonderful blessing.
It amazes my how tough this summer was with Dale being unemployed to how incredibly happy we are this Fall in winter. 
I give all the credit to Faith and the Love that my Heavenly Father gives to me.
I am so great full for how Blessed I am even during the rough parts in this journey we call life.
With this I will end my post .

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cherie said...


Hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Yay congrats. I will let you borrow my gma name :).....Mommy the sequel! hahahahah. My kids say that is too long but the alternative is Goddess..So they may go with the first one.Lol

ter@waaoms said...

Congratulations, and all the best!

Tulsi said...

That is what my guess was. Addi is 2 1/2 and still calls me Manga. She can say grandma, but that is Steve's mom's name. I love it. Her aunt Mikele is still called Meme and Mik loves that. I will never say that I had children to have grandchildren. I love my children to much. The love is all different. Kass has returned from Iraq today. He had 2 months to know his niece between the Mission and the deployment. It's nice they are moving closer.

Jean said...

You will "love"..... being a gramma!!! There just isn't anything like it! It's sooo totally different from being a mom (which of course is the best!!) It's hard to explain.. just really and truly wonderful. Congrats to you and your hubby and the parents to be!