Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creepy Halloween!

I was just not in the Halloween spirit this year for some reason or the other which is quite odd for me because I love Halloween.
I think all the changes this year has caught up with me a and I still 5 months behind or something like that.
I was a little sad too I love planning my kids costumes and they normally look smashing.
I made Madeline a rock star costume but that was it .
The other kids were on there own.
They did not do too bad.
I did learn my lesson never let Madeline get a hold of Halloween make up on her own.
I am not a fan of creepy costumes and have never let my kids dress creepy before.
I did how ever let Ben and Mylissa be zombies after all it was the # 1 Halloween  costume choice this year.
I guess Madie wanted to be a Zombie too instead she looks like Ozzie Osborn after he bit the head off a bat.
Next year I will be a better mom and be more involved and make all there costumes like in years past.
All and all it was a great Halloween!

1 comment:

Ann Marie said...

You did such a good job helping with the costumes!

I am not a fan of the scary costumes either.. but that's all my 7 year old boy wants to be is scary.. anything!

I have just learned to chillax when it comes to some things....