Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Christmas Baby.

April 24th 2005 I found out I was expecting our 8th Child a few weeks later I found out my due date was Christmas day.
To say I was trilled would be an understatement.
A few days later I found out Dale was leaving for Iraq.
I was still in great spirts thinking of how awesome Christmas would be with a brand new baby.
I remember going through the months waiting to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.
I like to be prepared so I was also thinking of things to get and do during the Christmas season.
As the end August drew near I was on pins and needles waiting to find out what we were having.
I remember clearly going in for my sonogram I was so excited..
Then we found out we were having a boy and that he would be special.
The news of Williams heart defect and extra 18th chromosome was hard to take and the fact that William would die.
I wanted Christmas to be even more special.
Evey day leading up to December 
 was hard but we all had a good attitude.
I remember December 1st my sister and I went to Target with Mr. Benny boy and I felt William kick I remember feeling the joy of the moment.
Throughout the next 14 days amazing things happened in our home.
we had surprise gifts left at our door step and treats delivered I felt the love of the Christmas spirt, the love of those I let in my life.
The day before William was born Madeline's Class collected every thing we would need for Christmas dinner and surprised our family.
I was deeply touched.
That same day was my friend Kim's birthday she chose to spend the evening with me in the hospital keeping my spirts high.
A little while later my Dear friend Valarie brought my best friend in the world straight from the airport to my hospital room to cheer me.
Our Christmas baby's birthday was here it was a fun and happy morning.

Things were going slower than we wanted.
Then William was born his birth was truly a miracle.
He had a rough first day but was ready to go home the next day.
24 hours after Williams birth we brought him home to happy brothers and sisters and Grandparents cousins and friends.
I was a bit scared at first but did not want to spend what time I had with William with fear so I let all my worries go and lived in the moment.
The next 10 days were magical we had so many people drop by to meet William and bring him gifts.
I kinda felt like Marry as the wise men came to see our savior and brought him gifts.
I loved sharing William with those around us those who loved us.
Christmas day came and I decided to bring William to Church.
I was a little scared and worried about the germs.
I remember holding him as our friend Sheldon sang the most beautiful song Oh holly night my favorite Christmas Hymn ever.
William kept his eyes open the whole time once Sheldon was done singing William closed his eyes and slept the rest of the Sunday meeting.
I knew then that William
chose who he wanted to sing at his funeral.
The rest of that Christmas day was pure magic.

William lived for 5 more days.
We were so blessed to have him for Christmas that year and I will for ever be grateful for the love and kindness our friends and family showed us.
The spirt of Christmas shone bright through all the eyes of everyone that served our family that year.
It was the perfect Christ and it defiantly topped the year before.

I am not going to lie I really dreaded the Christmas season of 2006.
I will share tomorrow how that year changed my life yet again.

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shaina said...

William is a sweet boy that was born into the best family. We all have learned so much from you and William. We are especially grateful for William's presence in our life too.