Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye Grandpa Peterson.

Yesterday was my Grandpa Peterson's Funeral it was a better sweet day.
It was nice to see friends and family have not seen in over 20 years all my Aunts uncles cousins and family friends.
I could not get enough of the stories they shared about my grandparents and my dad.
The love was so awesome, my 3 cousin Jeanie and my Grandmothers best friend new every thing about me she told me my grandmother always talked about me and my family., before I left she grabbed my hand and made sure nobody was listening and said You know you were Madeline's (my grandma) favorite.
I smiled and whispered I know, even know I new this it was nice to hear.

My Grandfather served in War world 2 in the Navy he was a gunner on a ship and was very proud to be a sailor.
To honer him in his death VFW and American legion came and gave him a hero's send off.
They sung the Navy hymn and then there was the 21 gun salute then they played taps.
Next the folded the flag that was on his coffin and then handed it to my father it was the first time my father cried since I had gotten there.
After the flag was handed off my dad asked the sailor that gave him the flag and all of those that was present to sing Anchors away.
It was absolutely beautiful and unexpected.
I am so grateful that my parents flew me home to be with them.
I know my grandfathers in a better place and with my Grandmother and this makes me happy.


ter@waaoms said...

I'm glad you were able to be there to say your goodbyes.

Sarah C. said...

Sorry for your loss. It sounds like a beautiful ceremony though and I'm sure your parents were glad to have you there with them as well.