Monday, January 16, 2012

A name whats in a name.

Since I was born my family called me Jenny.
When I was in JR high I decided Jenny was a baby name so I started going by my given name Jennifer.
When I moved to Alaska in my mid 30 friends started calling me Jenn.
Now here in the Springs every one calls me by something else some people call me Jennifer others call me Jenn I am even called Jenny.
I hate to keep correcting people so I just answer to all.
It s strange I do have to say when people call me Jenny because mostly only family dose.
Here is a funny story when I went to my Grandfathers funeral I kept introducing my self as Chucks daughter Jennifer.
They would look at me puzzled and said oh Chickie's daughter Jenny.
My grandfathers name was Chuck and I guess in this small town that my Dad grew up in only new him as Chuckie.
It was cute and sweet so for 4 days I was only Jenny no Jennifer no Jenn just Jenny.

So how picky are you all about what people call you and do you have a name that only family calls you?


ter@waaoms said...

My dad wanted me to be Jennifer! but my mom named me. Boo. I don't like my name, it's a boy's name, even my middle name is a boy's name. My family and friends call me Ter, which I like.

Elizabeth said...

How cute! You know most of mine.
In elementry I was Beth
In Jr. High I was Liz
In HS and after I am Elizabeth
I get a few Lizzies and still a few Liz
To my family I am Bea or Mom!

rachael said...

I'm Rachael {rachel}, and my close friends call me rach, and my family calls me Rae. Most people either Rachael, or mispounce it to Rachelle....

Sarah C. said...

With a simple name, mine is what it is. In grade school I used to wish I had a "fancier" name so I could have a nickname. ;)

Turtles In North Dakota said...

My given name is rebecca. Same thing. As a teen decided the nickname Becky was NOT working. Most by that time only called me Bec or Becca which I preferred...when I met hubby he introduced me as Becky to his friends. I hated it but wouldnt correct him as I was to twitterpated.About 4 years ago I couldnt take it anymore and started correcting people and asking to be called Becca...Moving cinched it.Someone visiting slipped with Becky and everyone was like who you talking about! hahahaha

Cherie said...

Well my name is hard to pronounce - nobody gets it right the first time. It is Cherie - Che (short e) and then the last part is rie (reee) with a long e sound and the accent on the second syllable. It's french - Oui oui - ha ha!!

Of course, when people see my name they first pronounce it "Sherry" so I have corrected everyone my entire life.

Jean said...

We have been married for almost 36 years... that said, my MIL and I have the same name (I use my Middle initial so as to hopefully lessen the confussion) anyway... when our last daughter was born, she got a phone call from a friend congratulating her on the "new baby"... she said, Ahhh no, that would be a grand daughter!
So I'm a bit picky about what I get called... Jean, Jeannie, mom, hon... as long as they call me with love I guess I answer to anything too!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I always hated Jenny growing up - but now you can tell who my close family and friends are because that is all they call me.

I usually go by Jennifer when I first meet someone because they always think I say "Jan" when I say "Jen". Or the combination of my first and last name sounds like "Danielle" if I don't way Jennifer.

In college I was "Jena" because I lived with 2 other Jen's and no one wanted Jenny! In fact, my husband thought my name was Jena for months when I first met him!

I answer to them all, too!