Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reaching my goal!

One of my biggest goals this year is to leave my 30 in the best shape I can be.
I don't have a lot of wight to loose I just need to gain mussel get rid of the fat I have and tone my body.
The first week of the year I only got to work out twice since I was at my Grandpa funereal I was a little bummed but it was something.
This week I went all out and I feels great.

I started Jillian Micheal's ripped in 30 days.
The nice part is there is an online eating plan that is super easy to use and follow.
The only thing I did not like was there was no portion sizes or if there is I missed it in my reading.
The good part is that there is recipes.
So I have took what she suggested and what I know about eating right and put it in effect.
I took pictures as she suggested and weighed and measured my self.
I love the work outs she boast they are her hardest I think they may be hard but I think it is her easiest work out video it it 37 mins and I think it is fun and easy to follow.
One of my other new year goals is to run a half marathon.
Now I am thinking 10 K is good (just kidding) (Or maybe I am not)
I really hate running but I know it is good for the body and the mind so I am doing it and hoping to love it in the end.
I remember in JR high loving it and I was good back then too.
So I hope I find that love again soon.
Right now its all I can do not to talk my self out of my every other day runs.
Today I ran in 19 degree weather with ice cold wind in my face.
By the time I was done with my 2 miles that I wish was 3 my Bum and face were numb from the cold.
It took my 20 mins to go 2 miles I guess it was not bad but I will get better.
My goal is to run 5 K in 28 mins by the march 1st with hopefully running 6 miles a day by that point.
I also started a get fit blog just for my self for know if you really want to see it let me know and I will share.
I just needed a place to share Quotes and write down my thoughts.

So who Else has fitness as there goal this year and if there is any runners out there that want to give me advice please do !!


Trisha said...

I love Jillian! I have her 30 day shred, but I may have to try this one out, too. And running is totally exhilarating and so meditative. I always say I'm praying to mother nature with each step. I'm working on doing the Bolder Boulder 10k this May - hope to see you there!

Karen and Matt said...

I love her ripped in 30! Such a great workout! I'm not a runner, but would love to do some kind of 5K, 10k, half, or full just to say that I did it. Good for you for running your booty in such cold awful weather. You go girl! You have some good goals, and you are going to achieve them. Good luck! I'm always looking for motivation so I would love a copy of your fit blog!

ter@waaoms said...

I have not tried the Ripped in 30 days. I do have her 30 day Shred. I have been neglecting it, BUT!!! this week, I have been doing another work out (walking away the pounds dvd) just to get me back into the routine of exercising every day. So 4 out of 5 days this week I have done that. Hoping to continue and also bring back the shred. I would LOVE to run but it's icy outside, and I'm not a runner (yet?!) I wish I had a treadmill or regular access to one! Will have to try the Ripped in 30 days! Thanks for telling us about it.

Also, just an fyi, I find the font you've changed your blog to a bit hard to read for longer posts. I thought I would mention it but I don't know if I'm the only one or not.

Good luck with your fitness goals!! Please come to my blog and motivate me too! (and send your friends, I need as much motivation as possible!! pleeeease! :) )