Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November..

I can't believe that it is already November...

WOW time flys .... I can't believe it is so close to Christmas.

Thank goodness we have most of the Christmas shopping done..

Dale will be home on Sunday I am so excited I can hardly wait to see all the goodies he bought me at Ross... I am jealous that it was not me doing the Shopping. I can't wait to see all the other fun stuff he bought...

Most of all I can't wait to see him and his new eyes... It is going to be strange to see him with out glasses. He has never worn contacts the only time he has his glasses off is when he sleeps...
So the next pic I post with Dale in it he will be with out Glasses. It's going to be weird just like when he shaved his head..

Now for a funny Ben story... This morning when I was taking a shower Ben asked for a glass of milk I told him I would get him one when I get out. When I went in to the kitchen to get his milk this is what I saw...I thought it was funny that he placed the caps to both the milk and the peanut butter so neatly next to each other.I don't know why but it remind me of the children's book if you give a mouse a cookie.


Wolf Queen said...

I'm sure Dale will be thrilled with his new ability to see without glasses. I barely remember life before Lasik. I don't think I've ever seen Dale without his glasses, that will be strange.
I can't believe it's already November either. I almost have your Christmas package ready, I asked the guy at the post office today and he said it should get there in time if I mail it Space A on Monday. I can't believe how much packages cost these days.

Gabrielle Beck said... exciting!

My hubby is on the verge of shaving his head too...his hair is thinning and he keeps talking about it. I'm not sure if his head will look nice with no hair! HAHA!

He also wears glasses and only takes them off to sleep too! I couldn't imagine not seeing him with glasses on so I can imagine your anticipation!

Can't wait to see a new pic! :)

chenguna said...

Hey my hubby got Lasic a couple of months ago too and he always wore glasses and now he doesnt. So happy for your hubby he will love it.

Kimberlee said...

Let me know he does with the surgery, how he likes the results. My husband wants Lasik.