Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling scrappy.

I broke down Yesterday and pulled out my Scrap book stuff and made 3 Lo .

It felt so nice to scrap again.

I almost forgot how much fun I have scraping..


shaina said...

I've been scrapping a little too. It's a great outlet. I miss it when it doesn't happen frequently.

Sarah C. said...

Awesome pages! Love the tearing on the first one. :)

BTW, I thought you might appreciate all my siblings. It gets a little chaotic at times perhaps since they are spread among my parents' multiple marriages. Can be quite a bit to keep up with, but definitely fun. :)

Karen & Matt said...

Very cute!!! I need to find an oultet, cleaning isn't really cutting it anymore. I love cleaning, but what I would love to do is start learning how to make jewelry. you're a great inspiration for that. I wish I could scrap like you and shaina, maybe some day.=)

Gabrielle Beck said...

Great LO's! Love em'! :)

crystal wolf said...

Very pretty and fun!