Sunday, January 27, 2008

House of Fire.

Last night a group of us got together to play the game House of Firer. It is almost like bunco. It was a ton of fun.. It was amazing to see how different peoples personalities are when the are competitive. I was a little surprised by how loud and crazy some of these normally quite church going guys could be...
So we had a winner of the night and a looser of the night.. Can you guess who the looser was? It is not so bad being the looser when you get a fun gift..

I received so exciting news yesterday as well. I am not quite ready to share maybe I will tomorrow. I am nervous and excited about it all at the same time. So stay tuned for my announcement. It might be fun to guess what my news may be so leave a comment with your guess.


Amy said...

That looks like fun game! Sorry you lost but I'm sure you got a fun prize.
Hmmm... as for news... I'm guessing it's either you're moving or expecting. Can't wait to hear what it is!

shaina said...

hmm..nervous about something...maybe a calling in church?

Sandy said...

What could the big news be? Hmmm... I am guessing it has something to do with one of your wonderful, creative talents.

Fashion, Paper, or Beads? Or some other fresh talent?

Please don't leave us in suspense!

Gabrielle Beck said...

That sounds like fun...haven't heard of it before.

OK, now you better tell us EARLY! :) New job? New location? New lil' bundle on the way?

Ter said...

hehe you won a prize for being a loser?? You go girl! :)