Thursday, January 31, 2008

I did a little scrapping Yesterday.

Yesterday after I ran a few errands I did a little scraping . It felt nice to get my stuff out and just sit down and create. I love the way my mind lets every thing go when I am working on a LO. I kinda forgot how cold it was yesterday. Kinda until I had to go to YW with the girls last night. it was 13 below zero. Not fun...

Can you believe it will be February tomorrow Wow I cant believe it!!
So I thought i would do a fun count down to valentines day I am going to post a craft or a recipe on my blog related to valentines day until the 14th.
I just love valentines day!! Can anyone guess why? ;0)


Sarah C. said...

Because your sweet husband will spoil you? :)

Great page! I like the doodles and buttons down the side. Check out my blog - left you a little something.

shaina said...

Love the doodling.
Did I mention I miss you?

Karen & Matt said...

Very cute page! I think you like Valentines so much because I agree Dale will spoil you, and you're a romantic! =) Miss you Jen, you're so fun, and I miss you're great advice.