Monday, January 28, 2008

Saying goodbye to a Phrophet

My blog is mostly about me and my everyday ordinary happenings. Well a major part of who I am is my region. For those of you who don't know i am a member of the LDS Church.
Last night or beloved Prophet Gorden B. Hinckley passed away. When i first heard the news tears welled up in my eyes then I was overtaken by the joy of knowing that he is with his Beloved Eternal companion Marjory. I love knowing the plan of salvation and knowing that life does not end when we die. I am very happy for president Hinckley that he is home. I can hardly wait until that glorious day when I will be reunited with My loved ones. Exspeshaly my sweet William.


I'm Always Rite said...

My best friend called me Sunday night and told me about President Hinckley. I almost immediately started crying and I thought it was because I was sad which is silly because I know with everything in me that the plan of salvation is true. After reading your blog I realize I was crying out of sheer joy for President Hinckley to be with his sweetheart once again. It has probably been a very long four years for them both. Thank you Jen.

Beth said...


Sorry, my blog is still blocked by google and I would check yours from mine. So I am way behind on your blog.

I had just come home from our yearly Preisthood Preview with my men when I got the text message on my phone. I got my boys out of bed and the oldest two were pretty shocked and saddened. Eric was still at the church with our missionaries and he said they were overwhelmed. It was such a huge shock to them. I cried as I prayed.

Have you checked out this blog yet

I wish I could be there to join with them. Instead I hope to see it on the coverage on tv and the computer.

Love you Jenn.