Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The girl has Talent!!

Yes I am going to brag brag brag about my super talented daughter!
Well I really don't even have to call it bragging it's a matter of fact.
Shelly is an awesome artist.
We have known she was good since she was three even then her childish drawings looked like art.
Any one that knows Shelly knows that if she gets her hands on a piece of paper it will quickly be turned into art.
Shelly has always focused on pencil sketching. She has rarely painted until this year. She is taking IB art class witch is equivalent to a collage art class this year in school.
Her art teacher has really challenged he and has made he on many occasion go beyond her comfort zone as an artist.
In January Shelly was asked to enter some of her art in a contest at the Art History museum in Anchorage.
It was on display with other high school  artist in Alaska.
She entered two pieces.
A painting.

And a Native drum she made.

Shelly thought she had a good chance of winning one of the 3 awards and was very excited about this.
To her surprise and the surprise and delight of her art teacher she one for both of her pieces.

3 weeks ago we went to the museum to watch Shelly accept her awards.
It was very exciting to walk around the museum and see Shelly's art hanging amongst other famous artist.

I was so proud of her and excited for her as an artist to be recognized for her talents.
Before we left the museum that night the museum director pulled me aside a told me something interesting.
She said I want you to know how we chose your daughters art.
There was a group of art majors and art teaches and local artist that sat down and looked at all the art that was accepted.
We did not know who created the art or what school it was from.
She went on to tell me that there complete agreeance on both of here pieces that the artists of these works were exstordanlrly talented and were quite shocked that these were works of a high school seniors.
Then when it was reveled that they were from the same artist they were just in awe that she created 2 different styles of art so splendidly.
She told me before she had become the museum director sh had been an high school art teacher, she said it is rare to see someone so young with such great skills in art as Shelly.
At that moment I was so in Awe of Shelly and so proud to be her mother.


The Dean Family said...

So true, so true - very unusual for an artist to have the ability to create two pieces of art so very different from each other. Kudos to Shelly! So glad I already have some "Shelly Wilderness" orignal pencil sketches! In a few years I won't be able to afford her art!

shaina said...

You should brag about Shelly. She creates amazing pieces of art. I'm in awe of anybody that can draw, but Shelly adds that little something that turns a normal drawing into an amazing piece of art. Go Shelly! Congrats on the achievement!

Aoibhell said...

Your daughter is really gifted; I´m glad for you and your family, you all must be very proud of her... I hope, she will continue and become very, very happy with her art!

ter@waaoms said...

awesome! way to go shelley!

I've always wish I could paint... but it is not my talent.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Congrats to Shelley AND her proud parents. Doing IB work in high school is a REALLY big deal...it takes a lot of talent and dedication.

Karen said...

Congrats on having such a talented daughter!! Tell her way to go!! Wouldn't we all love to be recognized for our art work??

Elise said...

Both of those pieces are insanely beautiful. She is so talented. Bravo for bragging and being proud.

Tonya said...

Wonderful! I really like the painting. What a great job! You should brag by the way - so great job to you too!

Dari said...

Wow!! What a talented girl. I love love the painting!! The style and mood of it is right down my alley. She is a great artist!

sweetbabies00 said...

Your daughter is lovely. Beautiful work.

Yarni Gras! said...

I am so happy for you and proud of her! What a wonderful gift she has...and it is awesome that she is USING it! Congratulations!