Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maddy and Ben at Jedi training camp.

Jedi masters

young padawon Ben
young padawon Maddy

Madeline fighting Darthmall
Ben fighting Darthmall
All the young padawons at graduation!

I love that Disneyland has this Jedi training camp for the little ones.
It was truly magical for Ben.
He talks all the time about being a Jedi now!He is saying things like I am practicing having the fores.
I love that he still has child like wonder.
Even Madeline my skeptic got caught up in the magic.
For once she did not keep asking us if Darthvater was real or pretend. She really thought he was the real deal.If any of you are planing a trip to Disney this attraction is a must.
Even the adults got swept up in the magic.

On a side note am I the only one having blogger issues?I am having trouble with loading my pictures and my text is messed up.. Its driving me crazy.

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Ann Marie said...

We loved Jedi Training as well!
Disneyland is a magical place!!