Thursday, October 28, 2010

More proof that I am queen of the dorks..

When I was in California I went shopping at Ross and Tjmax.
I had limted time so I went as fast as I could.
I happend to shop 3 times in a total of 2 hours.
So the first Ross I went to I only had 30 mins so I quickly grabbed a ton of shirts and sweaters and tried them on.
I bought 6 shirts and 2 sweaters in that round.
This is one of the shirts I bought.
Cute right.
I thought it was fun and casual. I loved the was it loose but was still fitted.
Well I was putting it on and looked at the tag to see the brand and guess what?

It's a Maternity shirt.
She I growned out loud and then laughed my head off. Yes I am still going to wear it. Hee hee hee..


shaina said...

It's only fitting. Who cares if it's maternity? Doesn't look like it is. When I was pregnant, I'm not sure I wore any "maternity" shirts. Normal shirts worked, and made me feel cuter. cute shirt.

CailinMarie said...


NadineC said...

Oh, that's too funny...but hey! Nobody will know! Right? Uhhhh...except all the peeps who read your post, LOL! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Great shirt! Too Cute. I would keep wearing it too.