Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meeting Mickey!

The first think Ben said when we got to Disney is" Lets find Mickey I want to hug him".
We saw him many times but lines to see him were always so long.
On our 3rd day when we were in California adventures Ben finally had his chance.

He's normally shy and wont go up to the characters.
This time he ran up to Mickey and gave him the sweetest hug.
Dale and I had fun reuniting with Mickey too.
I think Mickey is the cutest mouse around.

PS. if you haven't seen the world of color you are missing out!
It is a must see.
When we were there in February they were just finishing up the pipe work.
I am so glad that we got too see it this time around.
I loved it!!

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Ann Marie said...

Love the pictures! Very cute!
I also have been to Disneyland twice this year.. but I MISS it!

Can you ever get enough Disneyland?

We also loved World of Color.
We were down on the boardwalk.. and it was AMAZING. We got misted from the water.. and could feel the heat from the flames! Awesomeness!!!