Monday, August 1, 2011

My baby's seven!

July 30th Beeny turned 7 {Sniff sniff}

Benny the birthday boy wanted pancakes and pop tarts for breakfast so that's what I made him.
We then spent the morning talking about the day he was born.
We then had lunch Penutbutter and honey sandwiches and Cheetos.
After lunch Benny could not stand it any more so we let him open his presents.
Thanks to Target and hobby lobby's great clearances and sales Benny was spoiled rotten.
Then we waited for My best girlfriend for the 7th grade and her family to come.
We then had dinner and cupcakes.

After cupcakes we went over to the hotel My friend and her family was staying at and went swimming.

Benny was one tuckered out boy by the end of the day.
I love this little boy and I am so happy he is in our lives.
Happy birthday Benny boy!


Elizabeth said...

We had so much fun visiting the Wilderness Family! Glad Benny had a very happy birthday. I love you Jennifer.

Yarni Gras! said...

What a wonderful birthday!

Ande said...

Happy Birthday Benny!!!