Monday, March 26, 2012

Good New!!

Let me start of by saying Friday was one of the best days I have had in a really long time it truly was a perfect day !
That being said in my last post I hinted that dale called me with really good new the good news was that he was offered the Or manger potion at the surgery clinic we were really shocked and surprised. Dale had no clue the position was open and 2nd he had only been working there for 5 months.
Evidently his boss resigned on Friday and Dales name was the only one that came up to fill her place.
The 3 big bosses sat down looked over his resume and saw that he was more than qualified . 
Dale had been a or manger in the Air force for years and he has his degree in management.
On Friday he singed the contract and next week he will start as the OR manger.
I am so happy for him and excited at what future opportunity will bring. 
Now he will have less hours at work and more time to spend with our family.The only down fall is that there will be a few upset DR. that will only want him as a surgery tech.

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