Thursday, March 1, 2012

House update {Lots of pictures}

I cant believe how much has been done this week on the house.

{Side view}
So here they are putting the rafters on.

{front view}

The garage rafters are on!

{Side view}

{Back view}

Hmm they must be getting ready to put stairs in.

Yes the roof is going on!!

Basement stairs are in.

My family room!

Our dinning room.

We now have windows and a roof.
Its really looking like a house I cant believe this is going to be our new home.
I am getting so excited!!

I will show you more pix next week !
Maybe we will have shingles and siding by then and a garage door.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Jenn, It is so exciting! I think it is going to be beautiful!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

So exciting!

Karen and Matt said...

That is awesome! So excited for you!!! =)