Sunday, March 18, 2012

House update

Things are moving along quickly with our house.
Last Monday we had our pre -drywall inspection to make sure every thing was were it belonged.

{Dont I look lovely}
We had to wear these lovely hard hats and go through each room of the house making sure every light switch plug etc.was in the right place .
As we were walking through the house the workers were hard at work putting up the siding.

You can see where they started on the side.
They finished the back side while we were there.
Speaking of back side all the workers were taking a break out front and when I left the house to get my phone out of the truck they were all checking out my backside.
I was a little annoyed but what was I to do.
I told Dale when I got back in the house and a short while later we left the house together and as we were walking by the workers again Dale made a big point to slap my BUM.
I could have just killed him but he thought it was funny.

Now all the siding is up!

It looks great and we are loving it!

The dry wall is up and this week they start painting and putting trim up I think.

We got an email yesterday telling us our move in date. 
We were a little surprised that it was May 1st 3 weeks earlier than we thought.
I really cant believe how fast this has happened.
It will be less than 3 months from the time they dug the hole in the ground until we move in.
It took us that long to pick every thing out.

I will keep you updated.


shaina said...

I'm happy for you!! It's exciting to see your house, and I can't wait to see it for real when it's done.
I would have smacked your bum too.

ter@waaoms said...

wow, that's a huge house! (I guess you need it with all those kids and grandkids!!)

Which room is mine?

Turtles In North Dakota said...

yay for being early!!! Thats always good news...