Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Robbie was studying Greek tragedies and one of his assignments was to make a Greek style mask.
Every freshman had the same assignment so when we went to buy a mask at the craft store they were all gone.
So we decided to make one out plaster.
He chose Aniken Skywalker form the list of charter on the approved list.
His idea was to make  Aniken on one side and Darthvater on the other.


It was suppose to be abstract and he needed to use symbols that applied to the charter's story. 
I think his mask turned out amazingly well.

He was very proud of it and I think it is super cool.
He plans on hanging it on his wall in his new room along with his other star wars stuff.


Turtles In North Dakota said...

My star wars friends would be grren with envy :)..I have a few star wars crafts coming up soon :)

ter@waaoms said...

great job!

though I must ask... how is star wars "greek style"??