Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't mess with me or I'll get you.

Garret is in football this year his first year ever playing he was recruited by his cross country coach.
He showed up to the first pre practice and promised a place on the 1st string team.
After a few practice Garrett said this is hard work I think if we gave him the option he would have quit.
Garrets first game was a nail biter for me I never wanted my kids to play foot ball because of injurrys.
His first game was riddled with injured kids from the other team. 
Garrett's team won 36 to 12

Yesterdays game was a so fun to watch the boys were over the first game jitters and played awesome they had no penaltys and they worked well as a team.

I am impressed out how much sportsmanship they have as a team they always hi 5 slap each other on the back and cheer them on.

You should here them cheer on Sam their quarter back The kid is fast and scores half the  games points.
He is such a tiny little thing he's 2 feet shorter than Garrett.

I am so glad I got these next sequence of pictures it show Garrett doing his thing.

You can see the boy on the other team # 38 with the ball and Garrett #70 going for him.

You can see Garret has him by the waist.

And he is down.

The boys one the Game 48 to 8.
After the boys win the gather together in a circle and sway back and forth while the boy in the middle calls a chant in tongen that they repeat.
Its truly touching to watch.
Like I said before these boys are a tight team that respect and love one another. Most of these boys play other sports together that makes their bonds closer.

We has to quickly leave after the game to go to a funereal

So Garrett had to change at the car instead of in the locker room.

When he took his shoulder pads off he had sweat marks that looked like angels wings to me.
I like to think that he has angels on his shoulders watching out for him as he's playing the game so he dose not get hurt. 

I cant wait for his game next week.

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