Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garden of the Gods Junkies.

Saturday we found our selves at Garden of the Gods again we had planed to hike somewhere else but Dale found out that they were hosting a car show so we had to go.

If there is one thing to know about my hubby is he loves old cars and loves going to classic car shows.

My boys love going too
me on the other hand not so much.

So instead of looking at cars I find other ways to entertain myself while my hubby talks and talks and talks and talks to the cars owners.

So I take pictures of my shadow

a Bee

A deer.

and 2 blanket flowers.

After the car show we went to find some hiking trails.

We found a trail with a fun bridge and had to take some super model pix at leats Mylissa and I did while everyone was in the bathroom.
Note to self get rid of these ghastly nickers that are sagy and icky looking on me.

Yes a hot super model I am!

Next time I will just stick my booty out like Mylissa 

Or make squinty sexy face.

After the bathroom break we tried our best to get a normal picture but hey my family's not normal so that did not work.

So we hiked and climbed on rocks Maddie gets the best rock climbing shoe award,
you know you cant go wrong with patriotic flip flops.

And don't you like my poser, alright that's enough mom and I am happy lets jump snap shot.

What really surprised me and Maddie too was that Mylissa garbed Maddie and said say cheese
normally all you hear from Mylissia is Maddie you are so annoying.

There was this one rock we called graffiti rock tons of names and he loves me.

Don't ask

My hiking shoes are just as perfect as Maddies don't you think. 
Yes this was a little random.

We walked back to the bridge and Benny said take a picture of me being the troll under the bridge.

As I was taking troll pictures Dale shouts take a picture of this.
 we thought it was a widow until we got home and looked at the picture.

At the bridge again we you guessed it we had to get a kissy pictuer.

After taking a ton of kissy pictures we were beat so we started our fun ride home to have a traditional wilderness family movie night.

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