Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spending the day with Benny.

Mr. Benny had the day off He had a friend come over in the morning to play and then we went for a walk.
I asked him how far he wanted to go and he said 6 miles I giggled and said ok thinking it would be 2 miles 3 tops.

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On our walk we saw some cool mushrooms
Ben thought they needed to be photographed.
So I did 

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Ben took Garrets one foot 3 wheeled skate board thingy.

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Ben liked to skate with it on his bum and belly he found out if he sat on it going down hills he could go super fast.
He scared me a few times when he was going super fast.
We continued our walk and saw a hole in the dirt Ben was not sure if it was a snakes hole or a rabbit hole.
He then asked me Mom how do snakes did holes?
I answered honestly I don't know Ben.
When we got home he made me Google  the answer.
snakes burrow but do not make holes them selves they still holes the other animals make and make nest in them.
So now we know snakes cant dig holes.

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After finding out this information Ben was hungry and insisted that pancakes were the only solution to his hunger crises.

The next thing on our agenda was to look for Halloween ideas on pintrest.
As Benny said to me earlier its time to get into the spirit of Halloween.
Yep he is my kid he loves Halloween much as I do.

I love my Benny days he is getting so big and I know these days are going to be fewer and fewer until one day he is in middle school and high school and to busy for theses kinda days.
So I will take these days  while I can and enjoy them to the fullest.