Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love you forever

I will love you forever i will like you for always as long as I am living my baby you will Be.

This is part of my children's favorite bed time story. I have been reading this story for almost 17 years. We just love this book. If you have never read it I highly suggest that you do. It would make a good Christmas gift.

I was reading this book last night and just fell apart when it read about the little boy being 2 and all the little naughty things he did and how it drove his mom crazy. I would give up almost any thing to see William as a 2 year old. Reading this book last night was just the beginning of a night filled with heart ache. I can hardly believe that William will be 2 on Friday. The saddest part is that it means it has almost been 2 years sense I have held him last. My arms had that awful physical ache of longing to hold him again last night. I just miss his weight in my arms so dang much. Here I go crying again.

I am going to end this post by saying love your children dearly hold them close to your hearts always and support them even when they are being imposable. Be grateful for who they are and there sweet spirits and what joy they bring into your lives as well as others. Enjoy the good the Bad and the ulgy of being a Mother.

Hugs to all Jennifer


crystal wolf said...


Anonymous said...

I've lost several babies but all in utero. I've never lost a baby like you have, so I don''t really know how it feels, I can only imagine. Make sure you do something nice for yourself today jenny :)

Karen & Matt said...

Jennifer I'm so sorry. I don't know how it feels. I'm sorry for all your heartache. It's ok to cry. Hugs... take care =)

Gabrielle Beck said...

We love this book too!

I'm sorry for your loss of William and pray that you get through this week with strength!


Ter said...


I love this book too.

I hear you... it has been nearly 2.5 yrs since my daughter died. If she had been born on her due date, she'd be just over 2 yrs old right now. I am so sad that we don't have our little ones. :(

Please know that if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. Just email me or pm me and I'll be there for you.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Thanks Teri You always know what to say.. It's nice too know that You understand...

Thanks for evryones sweet coments..

Kimberlee said...

Happy Birthday William.

Many (((HUGS))).