Monday, December 10, 2007

The Nativity

Garrett was the shining star... Doesn't he shine so brightly.

Madeline was a wise man.... I think she was chosen because nobody would wear purple.

Here in our little town of Palmer the 2ND week end in December is Colony Christmas... It is a huge deal here. There is a parade and many other fun things. Our Church participates by displaying hundred and hundreds of Nativities. Sunday my kids were part of the children's live Nativity.

Here is Robbie the tallest wise man He looks very into his role along with some very cute extras. I love that our church dose this because it truly brings the spirit of the season. I think to often we get caught up in the gifts, the baking , What is Santa going to bring us and kinda forget the whole reason of the season. The live nativities and the 12 hundred nativities and all the many people who preform at set up these displays really understand that Christ is the reason for the season!!

So how dose your town celebrate the Christmas Holiday

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Sarah C. said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas! Your kids look great. :) There are more celebrations around here than I can count. My DH & I went into downtown Raleigh for some of the festivities there this past Saturday.

kdinthewilderness said...

mommy i love you!!!! how do you bookmark people?
<333333 kadie

crystal wolf said...

Yesterday I went to a nearby town called Malburg, they had an awesome Christmas Market in the courtyard of a castle. They also had booths in the unrenovated part of the castle. They had a band and the warm Gluhwein to drink.

Next weekend we our going to the market in downtown Bitburg, I can't wait, it's the best part of Christmas in Germany.

Karen & Matt said...

I absolutely love this! Your kids look great, and I just love how Garrett is the shining star!!! I wish that I knew what festivities were going on here. I've had to much going on to even think about it. We wanted to go to Temple square and see the lights, we haven't seen them in years.

Gabrielle Beck said...

How sweet! What wonderful memories!

We need to get more involved in our church and get the kids involved!

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Great town tradition!