Monday, December 31, 2007

Messages from William

Yesterday was 2 years ago that William became an Angel.... I kinda forgot that it was his angel day. Dale and I were coming home from a little weekend get away. On our drive home From the train station I was just sitting in the car enjoying the quite of the night when out of know where memories of William came rushing to me. It was almost an out of body experience. I kept remembering conversations I had in the wee hours of the morning when our house was quite and it was just William and I alone. It was almost as if I had stepped back into time.
I cant believe I did not put tow and two together last night to realize that it was Williams Angel day. He new and I know that he misses us too. I know he does not miss us and feel the earthly human pain that we feel but I know that he misses us and loves and cares deeply about us.
I always know when I have such intense feelings about William it's because he is around Me and that he is thinking of me... I love knowing that his spirit is never far from me and that he is still apart of my life. I love knowing that life does not end with death and that I will be with my loved ones that have passed before me again.

I just want to let my sweet friend Beth to know that I love her and that I am thinking of her and sweet Marie her little sister. It still amazes me that William left this earth 17 years apart from the day that Marie left. You know I know they are together and that we Share an even more special bond because of there relationship..

I hope everyone is has a safe and Happy New year...


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Anonymous said...

Hugs from me too. I always knew when my father was around. Not so much anymore, but he died a long time ago.
I knew when my sister-in-law was there by my nose itching when I thought about her. Sounds odd I know but it was an itch that would'nt go away. My youngest son was born after she died and I would get sad about the fact that she was'nt here to see him (she was only 27 when she passed, hit by a car)and then the itch would start. Once I'd realised why and acknowledged it I would feel happier in myself and I'm it was she who imbued me with that feeling.
How awful for you to be unwell on christmas day, the mama can't get sick!
Love that sunset photo.

Sarah C. said...

((HUGS)) Jenn, I hope those memories were warm and you felt comforted. You will see your dear William again some day in Heaven. I am a firm believer in that and I really do believe that our loved ones who pass before us are our guardian angels.

Kimberlee said...


Thinking of you and William.

crystal wolf said...


I hope that you and Dale had a great time on your trip.

Karen & Matt said...

Hugs from me too =) I'm so glad that you feel william around you. I wish that I could feel my Dad arond me. It makes me sad that I can't. I'm so sorry that you were sick on Christmas day, how aweful=(
You're picture looked great though!!!

Becky Heisler said...

I truly believe that our family members can see us and watch over us!
So glad to hear he was with you that night and that you felt his presence, I bet that's really comforting! HUGS !!!!

brightonwoman said...

I just had to pipe in and say that this touched me so much.
I have some little angels of my own. Unfortunately their angel days came before their births, so I was never able to hold them. Still, I knew them and who they were in a way that I guess only a mother does. I miss them constantly.
I also have a William--he is my oldest, and was my source of light through many dark days following his siblings' passings.
Do you have your William's story recorded somewhere? I would like to read it, if that's not too personal to ask.
Jenni (another LDS Alaskan mama)