Friday, December 7, 2007

The spirit of Christmas

Aunt Crystal Or Hannah Momma let Benny open a gift early this year. I love the delight in his eyes when he opened the book.. He said Aunt Crystal loves me and Mada the Best momma..

Anyone who Knows me knows I love seeking out the spirit of Christmas. I don't care if I get any worldly gifts I just want that wonderful magical feeling you get when you see the joy that others get when they receive service a gift or when you simply smile and say Hi... That is what I love ...

I remember a few years ago Christmas had lost its magic for me I hated that feeling it made me so sad. I promised my self I would never let that happen again. The fallowing year the magic was back I cant even pinpoint what had changed to make it so much better but the magic was back.. It was a high that lasted all year. I remember thinking I hope that Christmas this next year is just as good or better. Then we found out late April that I was expecting a new baby and he would be due on Christmas. I remember thinking Oh Christmas was going to be so amazing this year.. I never would have guessed how true those words were going to be.. Our sweet William was born 11 days before Christmas William was our Christmas miracle. My sweet little boy that the medical world labeled as defective. To our family and friends we new he was perfect so perfect that the Lord would soon want him back... William lived until 5 days after Christmas in those 17 short days on Earth he taught us so much he is still teaching me.. I am so grateful for that Christmas with William and every Christmas I get to spend with my husband and Children..

You would think that having such a loss during the Christmas season might have dampened my Christmas spirit but it hasn't if anything it has enhanced it.. It makes me want to try harder to invite the Christmas spirit in to my life.. I try harder to spread the Christmas Cheer and to serve others during this Christmas season..

It is amazing how you can sit down at have a topic in mind and once you start typing your fingers take over and you come up with a whole different thing. My intent was not to share about our Christmas with William it was just simply to ask the Question
How do you bring the Christmas spirit in to your Christmas Holiday...


Karen & Matt said...

Wow Jennifer this is a really great post! Ben is so cute, it is such a great feeling to see the sparkle in children's eyes as they open up a gift! It is also a great feeling after you have done service to others. I'm so grateful that you are able to have great Christmas. You were able to enjoy him for Christmas when you gave birth to him, and now I'm sure his sweet little spirit is there every Christmas. I pray that we will be able to feel the spirit of my Dad this Christmas, and that it won't be painful. How do we bring the Christmas spirit into the Christmas holiday. By praying, doing service, giving to others. Giving not recieving is the true meaning of christmas to me.

In transition said...


I still say that God wanted Sir William to experience a perfect family here on earth so that he could explore all of the glory in heaven and prepare for the arriving of the Wilderness Tribe. Like you, the wonder and amazement in Christmas for us is not material, but about that magic feeling. We get it with music, Mike and I with our guitars, Maria with her cello and Lil Mike singing... and lots of reds and sparkling metallics!!! and like your friends, service, prayer and yummy goodies:)

kimmithylaine said... truly brought tears. My little brother passed away last october and my parents are having issues celebrating christmas and his birthday that falls on December 30. He would have been 5 this year. I think that remembering the times that we did have with them is such a special thing and that is exactly what should bring cheer around the holidays..knowing that they are right here with us in our hearts and up in heaven watching over us.

Ter said...

Jennifer, you brought tears to my eyes....

I'm so glad you had that Christmas with William, and that time with him too. Oh how I wish you had more time with him too!

I haven't regained my Christmas Spirit but, the year my daughter died, I was hell bent on not celebrating Christmas at all, no tree, nothing. It was also our first Christmas in this house. But my husband said that we have to do it for our little girl, and so we went out and bought a big tree (we had only a table top one in the apartment) and some more decorations because we didn't have enough for a big tree. It was hard and I cried the whole time we decorated it. But I'm glad we did, we did it FOR her... Then last year we put up a few more decorations around the house, and while I still haven't gotten my Christmas Spirit completely back (don't think I ever will), I still feel the need to "celebrate" because I do it all in memory of my daughter, even if it is heartbreaking at the same time.

((many hugs))

crystal wolf said...

I love that picture of my handsome buddy Ben. Tell him I love him lots!

I will always associate Christmas with William now and that is a good thing, because that was the most beautiful Christmas we had with him. I feel like his presence was the most perfect Christmas gift ever.{{{hugs}}}

Sarah C. said...

Wow. Your post really moved me today. Thank you for sharing about your sweet son, William. I think it is a beautiful tribute to him - intended or not - that you are able to love, enjoy and be so blessed in the Christmas spirit.

I bring the Christmas spirit into my life each year praying, celebrating the Lord and his gifts to us, and "adopting" an angel child.

Gabrielle Beck said...

I just wanna hug lil Ben! :)

It takes a pretty amazing person to express exactly what you did. I couldn't agree more!

Wish we lived closer! Could the Air Force send us to the same location? Only God knows! :)

BTW...the bible says that those that go before us, prepare a place for those to come...William has ALOT of work to do! God needed him. He was your gift for a short time but God's gift until you spend eternity with him!