Thursday, December 20, 2007

Re Parking Ticket..

Ok so I totally did not mean to leave you all hanging. I was in a rush when I wrote the post.
Well after we told them we lived in Alaska they said well are you sure the car is there My DH said Hummm let me go check the garage up yes I am sure my car is still here. Then they asked us to make sure the plates were on the car Yep they were on the car and it's the right plate number. They then wanted us to send a copy of Dales car registration and a letter explaining why we should not be responsible for the ticket. Then they will review the case.
The thing that cracks us up who ever issued the ticket did not make sure it was to the right car. We are pretty positive that it didn't just happen to be another 1962 Ford Galexy. It is a rare car and not many left in running condition. We think that they just checked the plate and saw that it belonged to a Ford car. When the person my DH was talking to was looking up the ticket the first thing she said is your car a Ford? Dale said yes but there is tons of Fords was there any other deception she said yes it was a black 4 door. Dales Car is a white 2 door.

The whole thing is just funny to me... It wont be so funny if we are stuck with the ticket. Plus it makes me just a little nervous that they had our plate # I am Hoping it was a typo . Or is there a standard plate out there with the same # and the person just forgot to enter that it was an antique plate.


crystal wolf said...

I'd take a picture of the plate on the car showing that it's a white car and an antique plate. Then I'd ask them if I could email it to them with a copy of Dale's orders showing that you have been in Alaska for over a year. If they really want to pursue it from there I'd get a letter from the Shirt saying that Dale was working in April and there is know way he was out of town long enough to drive it to St Louis and back!!

Kimberlee said...

Wow, what an unpleasant surprise! I hope it all gets worked out. And yes, I would be more than a little nervous that there was another plate with the same number.

Karen & Matt said...

That is crazy ridiculous!!! I hope you don't end up with the ticket.

Gabrielle Beck said...

So crazy! How accurate are their records? Scary thought!