Friday, June 3, 2011

I tell ya.

My postive meeter is very low at this very moment Yes I am having a pitty party.
Here we are with car isues again big ones this time.
We have had something go wrong every day of this trip.
I have stayed postive this whole time not lost my timper once Drove strait through the night for 3 days with out a shower stayed in the same clothes and traveled with 8 stinky pepole for three days, peed on the side of the road, listened to endless chatter from a 10 year old bairly missed hitting a deer had the tailer tire blow out while driving 50 miles an hour.
I tell you I have just roaled with the punches.
Last night was the last straw we were so close just 4 hours away from being back on track we were all happy laughing and then in a matter of minuets every thing changed.
The feat ballbearings seezed and Dan and Kadie just barley missed being the hood ordament of another car.
The Feit is toat it we will have to wait days that we dont have for parts and to top it all off the brand new exaust on the moving truck was sheared off some how.
So we are stuck in Canada.
I told Dale to just give the dang Fait away.
I hinda just cried things out this morning.
I feel better I am just tyring to stay positive, it's just hard when every thing seems to be going wrong.

I have to end this post on a funny note.
When every thing was at it's worst last night we were all crammed in my car tring to stay out of the rain waiting for Dale to get a room Madeline said Dad was saying a lot of bad words in the truck, he was really mad. I said what kinda bad words was he saying. She whispers Damn and Hell. I said what other bad words she replied that's all Damn and Hell just a lot.
Kadie , Dan and I just snickered and Dan said if those are the existent of the bad words he was saying I must be pure evil because I was saying a lot worse bad words than that. Thank goodness Madeline did not ask what they were.

I do have to say I love my family and even those every thing seems to be going wrong they have stayed happy and sweet during this whole adventuure.
I really am blessed .
Hopefully today will be a good day.


shaina said...

I called you last night, to see how things were going. Guess they weren't going too well. So sorry! What a crappy move. Seriously.
It's bound to get better, right? I'm praying that all goes smoothly from now on!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Oh my. It seems you are having a move similar to ours! By the time we got to our final destination my children were claiming they would NEVER set foot in Canada again! Not because they didnt like Canada but because it seemed we couldnt get through it!.So sorry!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh I'm so sorry everything is going to bad at the moment. Things will get better though and a few YEARS from now you will be able to laugh about everything that happened. Notice I said YEARS?
As for the bad words.....that is hysterical, just keep thinking about that over and over when something bad happens!