Monday, October 8, 2012

Burlap Chic

Yesterday I was feeling a little crafty .
I remembered seeing an easy burlap wreath on you guessed it PINTREST!
I went down stairs found some orange burlap I had bought for something else a while back.
I also garbed what ever I thought would look good on the wreath.
I went upstairs and garbed a wire hanger of on of my husbands shirts that had just been dry cleaned.

So here is what I used 
One yard of orange burlap cut into 3 inch strips
hot glue gun
scrap fabrics 
a pearl spray
and a owl pic.

I cut the burlap into 3 in strips bent the hanger into a circle and snapped off the hook.

I then started threading the burlap on to the hanger I threaded it like you would folded the burlap like a fan as I threaded it.

Once I was done I secured the hanger together by twisting it.

I then made some rolled flowers.
I then put them on the wreath together to make it look pretty.
Then I took a picture so I would not forget how it looked then glued it all down.

I love the way it turned out it was easy and quick to make.

I like how it looks on my door.

I love working with burlap and I am already thinking of the next project to make with it.


Debbie Blair said...

I saw this on the tutorial tuesday link party. Again you have created something sew cute. I love your logo image, it looks like a very happy family. Thank you for commenting on my blog recently.

gin said...

really cute! perfect for fall and halloween.

tammy said...

Super cute! I'm addicted to Halloween decor.

American in Norway said...

Such a cute idea!

Dawn Ruth said...

This is absolutely fabulous

Meggie said...

I've just joined your blog! Now I must find some orange burlap to make a wreath...