Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to the home of fire station 19

Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day.
Ben and my cub-scout troop went and visited the fire house in our neighborhood.
Yes I said my troop I am the Den mother for Ben wolf troop.

We gathered in The kitchen of the fire house and listened to the firemen tell us about their job and fire safety.

As we were setting there an alarm went off and most of the fire men had to leave on a call.
Fire man baldy I forgot his name told us how he fought non stop at the waldo canyon fire . I will tell you more about it in the next post.
Fire man mustache is the Chief.
The boys were a little board listing in the kitchen.
just in the nick of time the fire men came back and Fire man Brad and Fire man kip took over.
They showed the boys where they sleep.

Where they work out and the best part the Trucks.

We went into their Garage where there equipment was hung nicely.

Then Fireman Brad showed the boys around the truck.

This is the jaws of life Kinda cool the can open up the top of your car in 30 sec.
with this tool.

After the truck tour they let the boys play on the truck.

The boys had the time of there life.

After playing on the truck we learned about how fire men dress.
My next post will be all about this.

The Boys had an amazing time and so did the moms and Dads that went.
Thank you fire man Kip and fire man Brad for opening up your home to us.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Holy smokes...literally! You got to see them go out on a call on top of everything else? I always loved the yearly trip to the fire station when my boys were in preschool :)