Monday, October 8, 2012

The last Game of the season.

Garrett is a little grumpy in this picture and rightfully so .
They had just lost the game by a filed goal .
They should have won by 6 points but because of a bad call by a referee they lost the game.

The game started with such promise.

The boys came out strong and they were pumped up.

They scored right away.
2 QTR they had another touch down and one referees called it good and the other said it was not good too bad they wouldn't look at the video one of the parents took it was clear that it was good.

The boys continued to fight hard we thought for a while it was going to be a shut out then the last minute of the 3rd quater the other team scored and made the extra points. In the whole season I have never seen any team make there extras points.

The boys watered up and made a game plan the still had the 4th quarter to try and win this thing.

We sat and watched them.

Dale and I did some kissing.

Ben did some snuggling on the bleachers.

The boys were still fighting hard .
Despite there best effort they lost the game.

The coaches told them they did their best they fought hard and played good all season and that they were proud of them.
Their team captain Beau gave a good speech, pep talk and prayer I think this boy will go far in life, I was impressed how he lead the team.

Now that football is over we can have a break yeah right! Wrestling season is now in full swing one day break and practice begins.


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