Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cool pic & Gas prices

The other day when we were at the BX we were standing around waiting for Dale to get out of the bathroom the boys got a little board so they started to pretend they were running away from the bear in the glass cage. Well at least Robbie was running away Garrett was going to shoot the Bear. (I think Garrett was the smart one in this case. ) When I downloaded the picture today I realised I had captured my image in the glass case. I think the pic looks kinda cool

I think the gas prices are getting way out of hand. It cost so much to go any where.
So whats the gas price in your area? I hope every one is haveing a safe and happy Holiday.


Staci said...

Hehea, that is a cool photo, Jen! Wow, gas is ridiculous, isn't it?? It's not quite $4 here in my part of MD yet, but almost!

In transition said...

Gas is 4.17 here for the cheap stuff. We sold our Suburban last year thank God and drive a little subaru forrester now - but the gas price is still very very painful!

Ter said...

haha your boys are so funny. They actually look like they are a part of the display!

Gas prices suck. If I had more time I'd look up the difference in Canadian and American prices to tell you. Either way, it's pricy.