Monday, May 26, 2008

Saying goodbye to Kadie.

Today We sent Kadie off to her summer job in Ketchikan. We were lucky that the Airlines let us go back past security and let us wait with her at her gate. It was bittersweet watching her get on the plane.

Here we are just waiting for her plane to take off.. Kadie Dale and I .

Kadie standing in line waiting to get on the plane for the first time by her self..Kadies plane that took her to Ketchikan. I would like to say she got there safe and sound with out drama but I cant. After we watched Kadie get on the plane Dale and I stayed in town to do some shopping and just as we were getting ready to leave to go home I started to have a panic attack that some thing was wrong. I told Dale that I felt that something was wrong with Kadie he reassured me that nothing was wrong. I sat in the car and said a little prayer I calmed down and we went home. When we got home I sat and eagerly waited for Kadies phone call I new sh should be calling at any moment. An hour after we got home the phone rings I saw on the caller ID that it was the Resort Kadie is working for. I totally expected to hear her voice But it was her boss asking if Kadie had gotten on the plane. I said yes we watched her board. I heard a little bit of panic in her voice and she said do you think she would have gotten off at another stop I said no. I wanted to trow up at this point. Her Boss then said I am going over to the ferry to she if any one has seen her. After about 30 of the worst minutes of my life We found out that she was still at the airport waiting for someone to pick her up. Nobody had told her she needed to get on the Fairy to go over to the resort. She was ok just a little scared that nobody had come for her. She had sat at the airport for about 2 hours after her plane had landed.

See a Mother know when something is wrong with her child. It was about the same time she started to panic that I had a feeling that something was wrong. I am so grateful that nothing was really wrong and that my Kadie is safe and sound.. I am still a little un nerved with the whole thing... I guess I just have to trust in the Lord that she will be ok. I told William that he needed to watch over her as well. It gives me comfort Knowing her little brother can keep her safe.


Sarah C. said...

So glad everything worked out and Kadie was found safe! :)

Meg Giroux said...

Oh Jenn I'm so glad she is okay. What a scary time for you and Kadie!

Kimberlee said...

That was more excitement than you needed. Glad she is safe.

Gabrielle said...

Great photos! Love the shoes! :)

So glad everything turned out ok.

Ter said...

I would be scared too! I'm glad everything was ok in the end, and I hope the resort people make up to her! If nothing else, it's an adventure she won't forget!

CathyJean said...

Oh, Jenn!
I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but you did real well. Being a mother doesn't really get any easier when our kids are "grown-up", but let Lord will give you the grace you need for every event you face and you will be strong!
Your post reminded me of when my youngest child was on a missions trip in New York City. It had a few "unplanned events" and I was sick with worry the whole week. She was fine and I survived, but I learned a few lessons - one I will leave with you:
Your child (or any loved one) is safer in the most dangerous getto and savage country, if they are in the will of the Lord, then they would be at home under your roof with you if it's not the Lord's will. Trust God more; worry less!

Karen & Matt said...

I'm glad that everything turned out ok. How scary! I would be a little unnerved too.

crystal wolf said...

I'm so glad she was okay!!! I know exactly how you felt. The hardest thing I ever had to do was wait the two hours from when Hannah's plane took off in Dallas til she landed in Phoenix and texted me that she was okay and they were taxi-ing to the gate. I don't know what I would have done if she didn't arrive on time.