Thursday, May 15, 2008


Can you believe it's already the weekend.. The week just flew by for me. I cant believe my Kids only have 2 days of school left. Whooo!!! I love summertime and having my Kid's home so we can play and have fun together.

So this weekend should be fun for us my DH and boys are going camping Friday night. Me and my parents and my kids that will be home will watch a move and eat junk food.
Then on Saturday we will go explore our Alaskan surroundings. Hopefully I can get some good pix.

So do you all plan on doing anything fun this weekend?


Hilde Janbroers said...

wow, how long do your kids have holiday then? Here, they have to go to school till the begin of July!!
I so love your aprons by the way!! they look gorgeous on you!
I'm gonna scrap this weekend, have a lot to do! Don't mind...;-)

Sarah C. said...

:D That photo cracked me up. Very ready for the weekend. We're going to a baseball game tonight and helping a friend move on Sunday. Otherwise no big plans. Enjoy yours!

Ande said...

The kids are already out of school? Wow!! I am going to try and survive this weekend and I need to go and get Xanen some shorts, it was 100 yesterday with a strong wind that seemed to make it worse not better. Have fun this weekend!!! Love, Ande

shaina said...

Heath leaves for his trip on Sunday, so we are planning the day Saturday to be with eachother and the kids. I think we will go see a movie too.

toners said...

Summer break already - I can't believe it! Mine have 2 more weeks to go...they're counting the days (I'm not!)..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, first off, tell your dad hi for me. I will check down here in the fabric stores about your wants.
Ask Granny Oberg when she planted her tomatoe plant? I planted some this year from seeds I bought. They are supposed to get 12 to 15 feet high and bear tons (figurativly)of nice red ripe fruit over one pound each.
My plants are about five inches high. I'm goin to put them out this weekend for some real sun.
Love Ya!