Monday, April 20, 2009

Exciting things happening here.

I have been busy makeing goodies for my ETSY store that I will be opening May 1st!!
I am just waiting on a few things, so I can open my pay-pal account and then I will be up and running. I keep getting emails and comments on my blog asking me when I am opening . It means alot to me that you all are so supportive to me.
When I read these emails and comments it just builds up my confidence that people will buy my creations.

Also Thursday's My birthday !! Yay me I made it there one more year!!
So in celebration of my birthday I will be giving away something super fun and exciting!!
So stay tuned for that!!



Kerri said...

I missed your blog while I was out! I can't wait to see your creations! And happy birthday!

Ter said...

I am looking forward to your shop grande opening and even more now that I see those delicious fabric patterns in your photo!!!

Me said...

Sewing Machines are magical creatures..aren't they. An Etsy shop is a big deal..I can't wait to see your creations!!

Bobbi Jo said...

That is very exciting! Good luck. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Anonymous said...

Yay for your Etsy shop!
YAY for Birthdays!!!!


Nicole said...

Look at you! Busy girl. I'm so excited to see all of your fun stuff.

Diane said...

my b-day is wednesday! yay!!!

i am super proud of you and excited for you!!

mamaduck said...

May 1st is a great day to open your Etsy store! I celebrate that day every year. This year I think I will celebrate with a purchase at your grand opening!

Sarah C. said...

Fun fabrics! Looking forward to your store opening and seeing what goodies you will have. :)