Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini hamburger and fries tutorial

Things you will need!
peppermint patty's
nilla wafers
green & red frosting
shoestring potatoes
hamburger and fry wrappers from McDonald's .
1.Cute hamburger wrapper in to 4Th's place 2 nilla wafers on top.
2. Frost red frosting on one nilla wafer

3. place peppermint patty on to the nilla wafer with red frosting.

Frost 2ND nilla wafer with green frosting

Then put the green frosted nilla wafer on the peppermint patty and walla your done.
Now to make the fries!!
Take the fry wrappers and cut in to 4Th's
Then tape the side that is open closed.
Add the fries ( shoestring potatoes) and you are done.
You Now have a hamburger and fries any kid will be proud of.
If you try it I would love to see pix..


Ter said...


I thought those were real hamburgers, just mini ones!!!


HILARIOUS! (and yummy!)

Jennifer said...

That looks too fun. I'd love to try it with my girls but I don;t think they would go for the peppermint patty. :(
Wonder what else I could use?

Momma Miller said...

Oh my goodness! My kids would have a BLAST doing this! If we do, I'll be sure to post pix. Thanks for the SWEEEEET idea! You ROCK!

~Shaye (Momma Miller)

shelia said...

Ya think my 26, 23 & 18 year olds are to old to enjoy this?....your right...they'll love it! :)
..actually so will my 50 somthing husband.

RatalieNose said...

Cute Cute

Nicole said...

That would be such a great idea for a birthday party!!! I'm gonna do it. THANK YOU.

Tricia said...

OMG that is too cute! I was going to the store today anyway so now I'm picking all this up!

Sarah C. said...

Too cute! And they look so tasty. (Much tastier than the real thing LOL). :)

Mama Nut said...

Way cute!

Happy Birthday! Just stopping by from SITS -- Love your blog!

Pauline said...

Just found you through Tip Junky. I made these "hamburgers" for my son's 5th birthday. Check them out:

I got the idea from Bakerella. Great idea. I am getting ready to make some more for my son't first day in kindergarten. It will be for his class.

Michelle said...

These are so cute! I made some big dessert hamburgers for April Fools Day along with some meatloaf cupcakes. They were really fun!

PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

soooo cute!! I hope you have a fabulous night!! hugs!! Britt :-)

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