Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The smile says it all!

I think this is the most satisfying apron I ever made.
When I was sewing the apron Ben caome in and said momma what are you making?
I said an apron. He then looked at me with his sweet smile and said. When are you going to make me a cow boy apron?
I said come look at the fabric. Is that my cowboy apron? I said yep it is! He just smiled and said I love you more than Chocolate milk!!

When I was done I said lets take a picture, he said OK lets go out side by the man cooker.
I was so confused and said the man cooker , Whats that? He said you know what daddy cooks on out side. I swear I dont know where he comes up with these things.



Ter said...

aw that's the cutest thing ever!!

You definitely need to put some kid aprons on your Etsy shop. I know that is a pretty hot seller these days! :)

Diane said...

man cooker???!! lol!!!

he looks just adorable in his bbq apron!! and how awesome is it to be loved more than chocolate milk???!!!

devri said...

His dad told him about the man cooker.. I know he did, cuz real men don't cook indoors right!?

way too cute!

Ter said...

(hi just replying to your comment on my blog - yes we're okay for the moment. I haven't heard anything about it getting too bad in the city, but many of the country roads are flooded. - the river in the last 2 photos on my blog is the same river that your sister is battling. They said something on the news about the water rising some more, but I don't know how much here in the city. They did say it will rival the 2 worst floods in history here - 1950 and 1997 )

Turtles In Alaska said...

That is so sweet. You are right the smile says it all!

Ann Marie said...

He is a gem!
It's so cute to document the things they say.. You think you'll always remember..but you forget.

I love his apron! LOVE it!

I'm Always Rite said...

Such a little cutie pie! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute, and a great way to describe the grill, think I'll start using it too!

Sarah C. said...

Ben is so cute! Love the cowboy apron. He looks very proud to have his own special one. :D

Nicole said...

Awww I LOVE it!
The man cooker, LMAO! That is too funny.
Well now you have even more ideas for your etsy store.......boy aprons. My boys love to help out in the kitchen. You need one with police cars/fire truck, tractors and worms!!!! Have fun.

Momma Miller said...

LOVE it! How stinkin' cute!!!


RatalieNose said...

Thats adorable!!!
What a cute, sweet boy!

Bobbi Jo said...

The apron is so sweet! I just found your blog but not sure how though I love it! I am an apron wearing momma of 5 kiddos. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Yarni Gras! said...

is the sweetest apron.....and Ben's comment about the 'man cooker' PRICELESS!

you must be pretty happy to be loved more than chocolate milk!

Elizabeth said...

What a Handsome little Cowboy. I love the man apron with the man cooker. You are a wonderful Mother. Thanks for sharing your family by posting, even if it makes me miss you all the more.

WishTrish said...

Holy cowboy aprons! I'm making a cowboy apron today, too. In fact, I have some of that exact same red fabric that I am debating over whether to use as the pocket, or to use an old cut up pair of corduroy pants. So cute! I made an apron for all of my kids today. I'll try to get them to pose in them by our "man cooker" later and get 'em up on the blog. How cute is that?!

FORD RULES said...

Or maybe he saw you cooking a man on it!

DivineChoice said...

That is so cute! Man cooker!!! LOL!!! I am going to tell my colleagues about that...

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